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An introductory R course will give you a thorough foundation of the R programming language. I am offering on-site courses in English or German, or Swiss German.

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If there is a single language that you choose to learn today … let it be R.

Introduction to R

In Introduction to R, you learn everything you need to do basic programming and analyses in R: We cover data structures like vectors, matrices, lists and data frames. We learn how to do statistical analyses and basic maths. We get acquainted with the programming capabilities of R. We will use R to draw beautiful graphs and create automated reports.

The depth of the course is sufficient to do some real programming, which will allow you to get most out of R.

Customized Courses

Possible course extensions could include the treatment of the data.table or the dplyr package, which facilitate data handling. We can also arrange other optional modules to cover your particular needs.

An introductory course will take around 6 half-days. The course can be extended with optional modules or squeezed into a few full days. It can be held as a block or spread over several weeks.


An introductory course is build around the following modules:

Getting Started

preview on statistics, data-types and functions, data import and export

Data Structures

vectors, matrices, lists and data frames

Math and Statistics

basic statistical functions, linear algebra, linear regression, time series


control statements (loops and conditions), objects and methods, apply functions


customizing plots, automated reports

Data Topics

string manipulations, data.table/dplyr

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