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 Statistics and Econometrics

As large amounts of data appear everywhere, statistics and computer science have become increasingly intermingled. When it comes to data, it is not enough to master a single field. With an extensive experience in statistics and programming, I can help you to find your way in this new area and to solve your data problems.

I have an academic background and a long experience in time series econometrics, including traditional forecasting techniques like ARIMA and dynamic factor models, linear and non-linear regression, and newer machine-learning techniques, like ridge regressions, boosting or bagging.


For more than 10 years, I am using R to solve data problems. As an active member of the open-source community, I authored several R packages. For my clients and employers, I used R to solve a wide range of problems: time series forecasting, GDP estimation, financial account consolidation, or insurance pricing.

R is a free open-source programming language with a special focus on data and statistics. R can be used not only for statistics, but also as a general scripting tool for many data related tasks. R also offers fantastic interfaces to other software, such as SQL and NoSQL databases, C++, or modern Web technologies.

User Interfaces

To bring advanced statistical techniques to the mainstream, usage must be as easy as possible. I have an extensive experience in designing user interfaces for statistical tools.

A prime example is this website, which allows you to interactively adjust your time series with X-13, the leading seasonal adjustment tool by the United States Census Bureau. While easy to use, the interface allows you to access all of the several hundreds options that are available in X-13, so it is easy and powerful at the same time. Experienced in Shiny, Java Script and HTML5, I can help you to design a powerful and easy-to-use user interface for your analysis.


Companies and governmental offices are satisfied customers of my consulting and development services. Here is a selection of some of my projects.


Quarterly GDP Estimation

For the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, I unified the process of Switzerland's Quarterly GDP estimation in an automated solution in R.


Risk Analytics and Pricing

For a leading global insurance company, I contributed to the development of the risk management and the pricing infrastructure, using R and S+.


Governmental Accounts

For the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, I formulated and implemented procedures to generate flexible consolidated financial accounts in R.

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